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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reach Beyond Death in 5 Days!!!!!!

Here are the remaining out of town members to the Reach Beyond Death show.  Their submissions are sure to be serious works of art, that reflect as much about the culture around tattoo, as it would about the artists themselves.  Each and every artist involved in this show comes from very different backgrounds and disciplines that continuously contribute to the culture and tradition that grows with the expansion of what it means to tattoo, and be tattooed.
Cory Lenherr is an artist based out of Scottsdale AZ.

Phil Holt 
Phil lives and works in Tampa FL at a studio called Red Letter 1.  He makes small batch pigments for his company OLD GOLD.  These are very very fine quality pigments and we can speak from experience, they are well worth the price and wait.  There is some amazing things going on in Phil's studio so check it out.

Phil on the Left

Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson can be found at the other end of I-70 in St. Louis, at a studio called Trader Bob's.  Alan will be attending the 2012 Real Deal Tattoo convention.  He's a friend to Windhorse and we urge you to check out Alan's work and come say hello at the convention.

Stu Pfost 
Stu is a tight bro from way back when.  He's a regular guest at the Mercy Seat here in Kansas City.  He knows his way around, and keeps Lexington happy with some great traditional work, and a pink donut here and there.  Stu's a true friend to the Windhorse and we are proud to have his work featured in Reach Beyond Death.

Chad Koeplinger.
From the Nations Capitol, Washington D.C., Chad works out of Tattoo Paradise.  With a knack for the Traditional work, Chad shows use of strong black, and the themes that 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guru Tattoo.

We are very please to say that Guru Tattoo will be participating in Reach Beyond Death.  The two very talented artists Cooper and Cissy LaLa have already sent their finished works in, and they are both very very good.  San Diego is very fortunate to have a studio with so much experience and talent.  Check out the Guru Tattoo Blog and look for Cissy at her blog.



      Cissy La La.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

White Lotus Tattoo & Gallery

"Great things come in 'threes'."

We have another great group of artists joining Reach Beyond Death. Hailing from White Lotus in Toms River, New Jersey, are Mike Di Dia, Kevin LeBlanc, and Dan Paone. A combination of over 40 years tattooing experience, White Lotus adds three heavy hitting artists to Windhorse's Reach Beyond Death.

Mike Di Dia, since 2005.

Dan Paone, since 1996

Kevin LeBlanc, since 1992.

White Lotus is your go-to shop in Toms River, visit for contact info on your next trip to the East Coast, and at least check out the gentlemen's fine artwork here at Windhorse soon!

With a few weeks until Reach Beyond Death, we're just as excited as everyone to see all this new work coming through our doors. A large exhibition with so many different artists, showcasing their talents and backgrounds, is truly becoming an inspiration for us already.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Landmark Tattoo - Ben & Jher

Ben Thompson and Jher Clark have accepted invitations to participate in Reach Beyond Death.
These two artists hail from Landmark: Electric Ghost Tattooing in Denver, Colorado.

Visit for contact and location information when you're next in the Denver area. As their site is currently under a bit of construction, they've been sweet enough to send some hand picked tattoo's for you all.
Tattoos by Ben Thompson


Next are a selection of Jher's tattoos. If you enjoy his work as well, you'll be thrilled to know he will be holding a guest spot for tattooing at Windhorse!

Please contact us at Windhorse if you're interested in setting up an appointment with Jher. He will be in Kansas City for the Reach Beyond Death opening, Friday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 4th.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ugly Bill joins Reach Beyond Death

Ugly Bill is the next participating artist in Reach Beyond Death. Tattooing since 1989, Bill began his career as a tattoo artist right here in Kansas City. In 1999, Bill moved to San Diego to pursue tattooing further, and has been living there since.
Ugly Bill also represents Special Technique, a collective of artists and manufacturers of fine Rotary Machines. In a matter of years these mostly handcrafted machines have been making their way into the mitts of artists across the country.
As fans and collectors of these machines, we’re happy to have Ugly Bill as part of this exhibition.

Machines by Special Technique

Workhorse Irons collaboration machine

Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon Celebration