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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reach Beyond Death in 5 Days!!!!!!

Here are the remaining out of town members to the Reach Beyond Death show.  Their submissions are sure to be serious works of art, that reflect as much about the culture around tattoo, as it would about the artists themselves.  Each and every artist involved in this show comes from very different backgrounds and disciplines that continuously contribute to the culture and tradition that grows with the expansion of what it means to tattoo, and be tattooed.
Cory Lenherr is an artist based out of Scottsdale AZ.

Phil Holt 
Phil lives and works in Tampa FL at a studio called Red Letter 1.  He makes small batch pigments for his company OLD GOLD.  These are very very fine quality pigments and we can speak from experience, they are well worth the price and wait.  There is some amazing things going on in Phil's studio so check it out.

Phil on the Left

Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson can be found at the other end of I-70 in St. Louis, at a studio called Trader Bob's.  Alan will be attending the 2012 Real Deal Tattoo convention.  He's a friend to Windhorse and we urge you to check out Alan's work and come say hello at the convention.

Stu Pfost 
Stu is a tight bro from way back when.  He's a regular guest at the Mercy Seat here in Kansas City.  He knows his way around, and keeps Lexington happy with some great traditional work, and a pink donut here and there.  Stu's a true friend to the Windhorse and we are proud to have his work featured in Reach Beyond Death.

Chad Koeplinger.
From the Nations Capitol, Washington D.C., Chad works out of Tattoo Paradise.  With a knack for the Traditional work, Chad shows use of strong black, and the themes that 

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