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Saturday, February 11, 2012

White Lotus Tattoo & Gallery

"Great things come in 'threes'."

We have another great group of artists joining Reach Beyond Death. Hailing from White Lotus in Toms River, New Jersey, are Mike Di Dia, Kevin LeBlanc, and Dan Paone. A combination of over 40 years tattooing experience, White Lotus adds three heavy hitting artists to Windhorse's Reach Beyond Death.

Mike Di Dia, since 2005.

Dan Paone, since 1996

Kevin LeBlanc, since 1992.

White Lotus is your go-to shop in Toms River, visit for contact info on your next trip to the East Coast, and at least check out the gentlemen's fine artwork here at Windhorse soon!

With a few weeks until Reach Beyond Death, we're just as excited as everyone to see all this new work coming through our doors. A large exhibition with so many different artists, showcasing their talents and backgrounds, is truly becoming an inspiration for us already.

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