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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Followers, Fans, and Friends,

It's been a long time coming, and we're happy to unveil the new WINDHORSERISING.COM. The relaunch brings together a cleaner environment, capturing and representing the essence of Windhorse Tattoo & Gallery.

Touring the new website, you'll find sections featuring studio artists, gallery shows, tattoo work, and links to our friends!

The website also features the launch of the ONLINE STORE! Here you'll find original artwork, prints, and merch to suit your Windhorse needs. We'll be updating constantly, so keep on the lookout for limited runs and unique items.

Along with all these other goodies, you'll also find the new BLOG section. We've had an amazing time here at our blogspot, being able to share up to date news on shows and events. We wanted to continue sharing with our friends by integrating our blog directly into our site. From this point forward, you'll find current events in our new BLOG section. We've decided to keep the Windhorse Blogspot open as an archive. Feel free to check out the amazing year we've had. You'll also be able to visit these great posts in the format over at the new site.

Above, you'll find the links will now direct you to the corresponding section of the new site. Thanks in advance for giving it a good look around, and let us know what you think!

Again, we thank you for your support over the last couple years, and we hope to continue delivering an awe-inspiring experience with you on multiple levels.

See you on the other side,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sarah Dirks is Here!!!

Sarah Dirks has made a huge debut at Windhorse, having sold 2 of her 15 piece show on opening night!!!  Congrats Sarah!  We are very proud of the work she has done and hope that people will take time out of this month to see some very ecological artwork by Sarah.  Please take the time to see this show, it is a truly great experience.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reach Beyond Death: Closing Reception, and MAY 4 First Friday

Friday, at 6pm on April 27 marks the closing reception for Windhorse's Reach Beyond Death exhibition. If you have yet to make the show, this will be your last chance to see the pieces in person. We'd like to share this Exhibition one final time with an open gallery, if you have friends or family that may be inspired, we welcome any and all. 

There are still pieces available for collectors, please check this show in person, or contact Windhorse for availability. For a show recap, check out the Windhorse Blog.

Moving along to May, we welcome new works by Sarah Dirks, to the gallery. Local artist, Sarah Dirks, utilizes found objects to create recycled sculptures. Depicting faces of animals and creatures, Dirks provides the gallery at Windhorse with artwork from the recognizable turned surreal.

Sarah Dirks opens Friday, May 4th at 6pm, and runs through the month of May during regular gallery hours.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reach Beyond Death continues April 6

Photography by Matthew Collins

Folks, we're pretty much stoked about the feedback over the past month from this exhibition, and we'd love to spread the word!

We've got a ton of fans outside the KC area that have been unable to make it out for this show, as well as the few remaining cats sitting on the edge of the fence about visiting. SO, we're sharing a bit of a digital-teaser-tour for the aforementioned.

If you haven't yet clicked the big ol' photo to the left, we're offering up some respectable angles of an excellent exhibition STILL ON DISPLAY!

We are able to provide multiple angles for serious inquiries. Collectors please contact Windhorse for availability.

CLICK, or Right click to save as, or ETC. to check it out! Or better yet, visit in person for the full view..

Finally, if you've been patient to experience some fine artwork in the crossroads this spring, don't hesitate to make APRIL 6 the end of your hibernation. Reach Beyond Death powers it's way into a second month at Windhorse, and we'll be wide open from 6-9pm for April's first Friday.  

April 6, 6-9pm

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012


This weekend (March 9, 10, 11) marks the 5th annual Real Deal Tattoo Convention at The Uptown in Kansas City, MO.

Representing Windhorse at the convention will be Mark Galloway, and our dear friend, Matthew Crim. Matthew visits us from Keepsake in Astoria, OR.

Matthew is also participating in the Reach Beyond Death exhibition here at the Windhorse Gallery. Reach Beyond Death will be OPEN during regular gallery hours this weekend, alongside the Real Deal Convention. Keep an eye out at the convention, for other local tattoo shops and artists we've featured here on the blog.

Real Deal Convention Admission starts at $15 for single day passes, and $30 for 3 day passes.

Windhorse Admission is FREE and there's plenty to see here as well, our show runs through the end of April.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reach Beyond Death Reception.

Hello All.  Reach Beyond Death was a huge success.  Here are some photos that Ben Radatz took of the reception.  There was an amazing turnout and reaction to the work here.  We have 32 artists to thank for sharing their skills and talents with us.  Please take some time to check out previous blog posts about each of the participating artists.

Stu Pfost and Mikey Wheeler

Lez Ismore