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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reach Beyond Death continues April 6

Photography by Matthew Collins

Folks, we're pretty much stoked about the feedback over the past month from this exhibition, and we'd love to spread the word!

We've got a ton of fans outside the KC area that have been unable to make it out for this show, as well as the few remaining cats sitting on the edge of the fence about visiting. SO, we're sharing a bit of a digital-teaser-tour for the aforementioned.

If you haven't yet clicked the big ol' photo to the left, we're offering up some respectable angles of an excellent exhibition STILL ON DISPLAY!

We are able to provide multiple angles for serious inquiries. Collectors please contact Windhorse for availability.

CLICK, or Right click to save as, or ETC. to check it out! Or better yet, visit in person for the full view..

Finally, if you've been patient to experience some fine artwork in the crossroads this spring, don't hesitate to make APRIL 6 the end of your hibernation. Reach Beyond Death powers it's way into a second month at Windhorse, and we'll be wide open from 6-9pm for April's first Friday.  

April 6, 6-9pm

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